Home Video Transfer & Archiving

Video tapes don’t last forever.  Whether its VHS or digital video Tape – heat, moisture, and magnetic fields can severely reduce the quality of your home videos.  To make matters worse, playing these on your home VCR or camera, stretch and wear the tape down every time it is wound.  Forget about fast-forwarding and re-winding on the VCR and preserve all of those dusty home videos to DVDs or even Consolidate them to a Blu-ray or Harddrive so you can browse all of your personal footage from a Single Source!  Transferring Home Videos can make for an excellent gift and can be great entertainment for family reunions and get-togethers.

We can transfer the following formats:


Cost of Transfer

Every DVD and Blu-ray is Customized with Menus, Chapters, and Your Chosen Title.

To Harddrive

  • $10 per 2 Hour Tape to Harddrive (Harddrive Sold Seperately or Provided by You)
  • We Recommend Ordering These Harddrives
  • Please accommodate 10gb per 2 hours of Video


  • $15 per 2 Hour Tape to DVD

To Blu-ray

  • $70 per 10 Hours of Video to 1 Blu-ray (25GB Disc)
  • $140 per 20 Hours of Video to 1 Blu-ray (50GB Disc)

What you get

Video Restoration

Not all videos withstand the test of time.  That why we include tracking and timing correction with our transfers by utilizing some of the best dying VCR technology that salvages footage that may not even play on your home VCR anymore.  It is not uncommon for old tapes to have warped colors, volume issues, or grainy video noise due to bad lighting.  We offer correction enhancements to fix all of these issues for one standard low price.  In addition, we improve color, sharpness, optimize volume, and reduce noise through digital editing.   This is something that simply is not provided at most of video transfers services.

Noise Reduction


Color Correction


Audio Optimizing


What options do I have to choose from and which is better?

We offer DVD, BLU-RAY, and portable HARDDRIVE as our standard options.  There can be some pros and cons to each depending on the customer.

  • DVDs are currently the most widely acceptable disc format.  DVDs can be played and most home computers, video game consoles, and of course DVD players.  The downside to DVDs are that they do not support HD video and are limited to only about 2 hours of quality standard definition video that you might experience when watching a purchased DVD movie.  While DVD quality is still quite good, it isn’t near the quality you would get from the full HD resolution that we record to.  This will be most apparent for those of who own large screen HD television sets.  If you plan to have more than a 2 hours of video preserved, it will take multiple DVDs to do this without degrading the quality of the video.  DVDs are also prone to scratches which can ruin their playablity.
  • BLU-RAY,  is currently the best option for fitting the highest quality and most time on a single disc.  While some home computers may have the option to read BLU-RAY discs, most do not.  BLU-RAY players and Playstation 3 game consoles are currently the only other ways of watching BLU-RAY discs on your home television.  BLU-RAY Discs come in two sizes; 25GB and 50GB.
    A 25GB disc can fit roughly 4 -5 hours of HD (High Definition) video and 10 – 11  hours of SD (Standard Definition) video.  A 50GB disc can fit roughly 9 hours of HD video and 23 hours of SD video.  BLU-RAY discs have improved durability over DVDs and can withstand minor scratches without effecting playback.
  • HARDDRIVES are portable devices you can plug into your computer and some television and game consoles to watch individual video files.  While we cannot promise your television or game consoles will support the video formats of each file, this option is a good fallback for preserving and archiving your footage because it always gives you the option of transferring your videos at a later time to any format.  This is particularly useful if you are able to connect your computer to your television set with an HDMI or S-Video cable.  If you have hundreds of hours of video, you could fit all of them on just one harddrive instead of using several discs.

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