Mechanical Contractors’ Association of New Mexico, Inc.

About MCA of NM


The Mechanical Contractors Association of New Mexico is an industry trade association dedicated to the advancement of member contractors through training, advocacy, and partnership.


During the 1950s when the post war construction expansion was taking place, the bidding process was wild and unreliable, particularly in the Mechanical Industry. Mechanical Contractors recognized this issue, and they came together to work on creating a solution. From these discussions the Mechanical Contractors Association and the Bid Depository were born.

In the early to mid 1980s a crisis was developing in the world of workers’ compensation insurance. To resolve this MCA membership created the MCA of NM Workers’ Compensation Group Fund. This allowed the MCA members to pool together their funds to cover workers’ compensation losses.


MCA of NM is comprised of more than 50 members and affiliate members who represent a wide variety of New Mexico-based Mechanical Contractors that install and service technologically advanced and energy-efficient heating, air conditioning, plumbing and piping systems for our communities.

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